Joy in Trials – #3

 Trials produce endurance and maturity – James 1:3-4…knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

In 1967 I was having desperate trouble converting a complicated, for then, computer program from an IBM 1620 card system with only 16 K of storage to our new IBM 1130 disk system. I had failed for 8 weeks and the 9th would have been the end of my job. After Bible study, Al Rhea asks if something was wrong. I told him my problem and he took me to James 1:2-3 and prayed with me. I was able to get the program running that 9th week and I have never forgotten the joy and endurance from these verses. I wonder what would have happened to our family if Al Rhea had not comforted me and I been fired at the end of week 9.

I have had many more trials since that were much greater but God has been faithful, often over long periods. Every trial has resulted in the joy and peace of the Lord during the trial, increased endurance and trust in Jesus.

Endurance produces perseverance—to keep on going when in trouble. The more trials you endure, the greater your spiritual growth. Perseverance requires patience. No Disciple goes on the hunt for troubles but is ready when they come.

The full effect of endurance is growth in the believer’s character. No believer reaches the goal of total Jesus likeness in this life or perfection on earth. But progress toward that goal of completeness in Jesus is the believer’s objective and we will have a perfect body after our physical body dies.

How are you doing at maintaining joy in the midst of trials? Is your reaction anger or thanksgiving for Jesus during the trials you experience?

Henry Luke

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