Introduction to the book of James –

 James 1:

1 James, a bond-servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

James the half-brother of Jesus wrote the book.  Apparently, he may not have believed in Jesus until His appearance to James after the resurrection. A   Although James was late in believing there are numerous references in James to scripture from Matthew. B  Note that James did not boast about being a half-brother but instead said he was bond-servant of Jesus.

The basic theme of this letter is maturity in the Christian life. James used the word perfect several times,– a word that means “mature, complete”  [James 1:4, 17, 25; 2:22; 3:2]. By “a perfect person” James did not mean a sinless person, but one who is mature surrendered to Jesus and grown-up. Spiritual maturity is one of the greatest needs in churches today. Too many churches are playpens for babies instead of a place for growing mature Disciple-makers.

To get the most out of our study of James we begin by examining our own hearts with four questions to see where we are in our life with Jesus.

  1. We must be born again. C Without supernatural spiritual birth there can be no spiritual maturity.
  2. We must honestly examine our lives in the light of God’s Word.
  3. We must obey what God teaches us from the Word, no matter the cost.
  4. If we are serious about spiritual growth the enemy gets serious about fighting us. We must be prepared for some extra trials and testing.

Buckle up and be prepared for a life-changing study in James.

Notes: A- John 7:1-5, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, Acts 1:14;

B- James 1:2—Matthew 5:10-12
James 1:4—Matthew 5:48
James 1:5—Matthew 7:7-12
James 1:22—Matthew 7:21-27

James 4:11-12—Matthew 7:1-5
James 5:1-2-Matthew 6:19-21

C- How is a person “born again”?  Warren Wiersbe says: “The Spirit of God takes the Word of God and generates new life within the heart of the sinner who believes in Jesus. It is a miracle. The Spirit uses the Word to convict the sinner, and then to reveal the Savior. We are saved by faith [Ephesians 2:8-9] and faith comes from the Word of God [Romans 10:17]”.

Henry Luke

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