5 Reasons God Exists by Sean McDowell

  1. The Beginning of the Universe: The universe is not eternal, but came to be at a finite point in the past, which points to a cause beyond the universe—a Beginner.

2.  The Universe is Fine-tuned: Laws of physics and cosmology exist within a very narrow range of possibilities. The best explanation is a Fine-Tuner. [Cosmology is “the scientific study of the large-scale properties of the universe as a whole.” NASA

3. The Origin of Life: Cells are inconceivably sophisticated. DNA contains vast amounts of information, which points to an Author of Life.

4. The Origin of Consciousness: There is no naturalistic account for the mind. And yet human consciousness makes sense if there is a Supreme Consciousness.

5. The Existence of Objective Morality: We all know there is a right and wrong and a real moral law. The best explanation is that there is a Moral Lawgiver.

By Sean McDowell; for more about Sean and access to his books and blog posts click here. For his blog post “Seeing Is Not Always Believing: A Worldview Lesson from Sequoia Trees” click here

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