Daily Prayer of Thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father.


  1. I am forgiven and made holy, Heavenly Father, through the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus. “Thank you” seems far too weak an expression for such a great gift, but it is all I have to offer.
  2. I love You, Jesus, for Your perfect human life, Your willing substitution on the cross of Calvary for my sin, Your joyous victory over death, and the promise of eternal life in Your presence. Please accept my thanks until You return—then living in the new heaven and new earth throughout eternity.
  3. I am most grateful, Holy Spirit, that You have revealed the Father’s will to me for my life. The “peace that passes all understanding” surrounds me and I acknowledge Your indwelling presence. For that peace, Your presence, and Your daily direction in my life, I thank You.
  4. I love Your written Word, God, and embrace its authority in my life with joy. Thank You for inspiring its human authors, for preserving its integrity over the centuries, and for enabling me to hear, understand and hide its treasures in my heart.
  5. I long for Your kingdom to come, Jesus, and praise You for granting me insight into eternal matters, that I might please You in this life. Knowing Your resurrection preceded mine and that someday I will have a body just like Yours gives me assurance and hope for the future. For this confidence, I thank You.
  6. For daily blessings, Almighty God, I thank You. For family and friends, for my church, pastor, and staff, for health and prosperity, for home and comforts, for work and purpose—for these and much more, I give You my thanks and my love.
  7. And we give thanks for the U. S. and the freedoms we have and the peace purchased by men and women fighting for our country since 1776 and for safety provided by police and emergency personal daily.

Source unknown

Henry Luke

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