Summary and application 2 Samuel 20:

1. Unity helpful for Disciples to go making Disciples in the nations today, Part 1- John 17:22-24

The web of family intrigue and betrayal from 2 Samuel 1-19 is sobering with so much disunity. Certainly suffering and the sword never left David’s house, after 993BC until his death in 970BC, 23 years later. There is a consequence even for confessed sin.

There was so much disunity in Israel the focus was inward rather than outward to be a kingdom of priests to other nations. However, David’s humility and outreach to non-Israelites like Ittai set the example for us!

2. Today, why is it important to show wisdom, restraint, and the ability to compromise in the face of a crisis, but without compromising on core principles?

3. A Woman’s Wisdom Conquers – 2 Samuel 20:16-22 is an example that Disciples can be peacemakers! [For Peace-making links here.]

Are you a peace-maker or strife maker? Will you commit to being a peace-maker? If so, how?

5. You cannot read David’s 75 Psalms and his story in the Bible without acknowledging David was primarily a protagonist-hero for the Lord though he did not finish as strong as desired!

6. As a Disciple, today, are you primarily a protagonist-hero for King Jesus or an antagonist-villain fighting God? Will you finish strong?

7. Memory Verse – Acts 5:39 Gamaliel, probably an unbeliever in Jesus said: “For if this teaching or movement is merely human it will collapse of its own accord. But if it should be from God you cannot defeat them, and you might actually find yourselves to be fighting against God!” [Phillips Translation]

Henry Luke

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here.



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