There was a moral inconsistency in the later part of David’s reign, Part 4 –

2 Samuel 20:23-26Despite the positive outcome to the narrative in 2 Samuel 20, the book continues to show, how David’s sin had hampered his ability to rule. Vv.23-26 give a list of key leaders in David’s restored administration to show that David’s reign had stabilized. This list revises an almost identical list found in 8:15-18.

The list of chapter 20, has the following changes: [1] David’s sons are no longer listed as chief ministers [contrast 8:18]. [2] The later list has a new office, the commander of “forced labor” [20:24]. [3] David’s name is omitted. In 8:15, David is first on the list, and he is said to have ruled with “justice and righteousness.” There is none of this in the later list.

The most surprising change between the two lists is the omission of David’s name and of a positive evaluation of his reign. This may mean that David was no longer fully in charge and that his actions were no longer consistently wise and just.

 In an age of moral confusion and political polarization, why is it important to show wisdom, restraint, and the ability to compromise in the face of a crisis, but without compromising on biblical principles & core values? 

 There is a relationship between a widespread decline in moral integrity and political polarization? What can Disciples do about the decline in moral integrity?

Henry Luke

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here.

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