Absalom’s Conspiracy Part 8, Absalom slain and David restored as king –

2 Samuel 18:1-18,19:8-15,41-4318:1-17…14 Then Joab said, “I will not waste time here with you.” So he took three spears in his hand and thrust them through the heart of Absalom while he was yet alive in the midst of the oak. 15 And ten young men who carried Joab’s armor gathered around and struck Absalom and killed him. 16 Then Joab blew the trumpet, and the people returned from pursuing Israel, for Joab restrained the people. 17 They took Absalom and cast him into a deep pit in the forest and erected over him a very great heap of stones. And all Israel fled, each to his tent.

The battle was intense with 20,000 men killed [v.18:7] and Absalom was killed when his head was caught fast in an oak and he was hanging until Joab and ten young killed him hanging from the oak.

King David returned and was met by many people and through the intervention of Zadok and Abiathar and some praise and grumbling was returned to his throne. [19:8-15, 41-43]

It is often helpful to take a step back and think about what God is doing in the big picture. In His sovereign humans have a free will. Free will and sin cause a lot of turns in the life of David, some very bad and some good.  But, God is preserving the line of David, which would one day produce our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Stand in awe today of the sovereignty of our God, who knew everything that David would go through and exactly how to bring him through it, just as He does in our lives today.

Thank God today that He is good and wise–that He knows the beginning from the end and it is all for His glory and our good. Ask that He would help you to trust in Him today, no matter the circumstances you face.

Henry Luke 8/3/2018

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