God rejoices when lost sinners are reconciled to Him –

Luke 15:1-32I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

 God and heaven rejoice when sinners are reconciled to Him; just as a shepherd rejoices when he finds a lost sheep, or a woman when she finds a lost coin, or a father when he finds a lost son. The woman of Tekoa said that God devises means for the one who is banished to be restored. A

We were once lost, banished, cast out from the presence of God because of our sin. Yet since God devises plans to bring back the banished, since He rejoices in reconciling lost sinners to Himself, He sent Jesus to die on the cross and pay for our sins. Because of what Christ has done, all those who trust in Him are reconciled to God! Each restoration brings Him much joy.

Our response to this gospel truth should be: [1] Rejoice along with God that we have been reconciled to Him, and we should rejoice when others are reconciled to Him. [2] We should not be like Jonah B, or the Pharisees C, and grumble when God redeems lost sinners. [3] We should reflect the truth of reconciliation in the way we live our lives. [4] We should strive with everything we have to be ambassadors for Christ; making His appeal of reconciliation to a lost and dying world. [5] If we find ourselves in a situation of conflict, we should pursue peace-making and resolve the conflict. D

Have you felt distant from God lately? Have you had a lack of passion for evangelism? Have you experienced conflict with other people?

 Pray earnestly that your unbelieving friends, co-workers, colleagues, and acquaintances would be reconciled to Him. If you are experiencing relational conflict, ask that God would help you bring reconciliation.

 Notes: A- 2 Samuel 14:14; B- Jonah 3,4; C- Luke 15:1-2; D- For reconciliation and peace-making click here;  E- I am indebted to help from the FBC Personal Study Guide for Summer 2018 p. 51 & I recommend your using it for a study of 2 Samuel – click here.

Henry Luke 7/28/2018

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here.  

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