Summary: 31 Days of Prayer Using ACTS format and scripture review.

Since 1980 I have been having 30 minutes or more Bible study using the HEAR format or its equivalent. For HEAR click here. The HEAR format includes prayer using the ACTS format: Adoration or praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication or requests.

I. Here are some of my daily prayers using ACTS:


A Week of Adoration prayer! Praise for the attributes of God. click here


–Agape love for self-examination. click here — “Things Love is”. click here  –New Testament Commandments. click here —31 Days of prayer for confession through Galatians 5:19-23a and 2 Peter 1:5-7


Thanksgiving for supernatural changes at salvation. click here


–Daily Prayers for our church. click here   –and Prayers for families. click here                  —Daily Prayer for prerequisites required for Effective Decision-Making                                  — Spiritual Declaration of dependence – a Daily prayer of Supplication                                   —  Living a Jesus-Centered Life. The daily prayer of Supplication 

—A Week of Supplication Prayers using The Navigator Wheel + one

7 days of Prayers of supplication “In A Pit With A Lion–How to survive and thrive when opportunity roars” 

–Pray on Wednesdays for help with  What Assumptions Guide My Life d

II. Since the fall quarter of 1916, I have been selecting a verse of the week to memorize as suggested in HEAR. I review these verses regularly;

Daily: –Summer 2018. click here –Spring 2018. click here

Monday- Winter 2017-18. click here

Tuesday- Fall 2017. click here

Wednesday- Summer 2017. click here

Thursday- Spring 2017. click here

Friday- Winter 2016-17. click here

Saturday- Fall 2016. click here

One verse per day to review from these lists:

One2Won scripture memory. click here

Every Man A Warrior-aa- Scripture Memory NASB






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