Promised Rule of the House of David Part 1 –

2 Samuel 7:11b-14..11b The Lord also declares to you that the Lord will make a house for you.  David desired to build a house for the Lord but instead He promised David an eternal dynasty referred to as a “house for you”. This is the beginning of the reference to the “Davidic Covenant”; the 7th of eight major covenants of special significance explaining God’s purposes for man. A   The Davidic Covenant establishes the perpetuity of the Davidic “house”; the Davidic kingdom, over Israel, and over the whole earth; to be fulfilled by Jesus.

12 I will raise up your descendant after you, who will come forth from you, and I will establish his kingdom. Here the Lord begins the detailed explanation of “house” promising that a direct descendant of David’s would be king after him. We know that was Solomon. This assures David that his son would replace him.

13 He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.” This king will build the Temple of God to replace the tabernacle and Solomon’s kingdom will be eternal.

14 I will be a father to him and he will be a son to Me; when he commits iniquity, I will correct him with the rod of men and the strokes of the sons of men,” The Lord promises to punish him when Solomon commits iniquity. Solomon started off with wisdom from the Lord, expanded the kingdom, and built the Temple. But he had more wives than David, with many from idol worshipping nations. Eventually, these idol worshipping wives led Solomon to sin and his fellowship with the Lord was suspended resulting in terrible consequences. After Solomon’s death, the kingdom was split into the 10 Northen tribes – Israel and 2 southern tribes – Judah. David’s dynasty continued through Judah. B

Jesus desires to rule in our hearts and when we sin our fellowship with Him is suspended but our relationship is not broken.

Notes: A- For 8 major covenants click here; B- The genealogy of Matthew 1:1-16 traces the descent of Jesus through Solomon and Jeconiah (Heb., Coniah; Matthew 1:12); this is the genealogy of Jesus’ legal father, Joseph. Luke 3:23-38 traces Jesus’ physical descent back through Mary and Nathan to David, bypassing Jeconiah’s line and showing accurately the fulfillment of this prophecy of Jeremiah 22:28–30. If Jesus had been born only in the line of Joseph (and thus of Jeconiah), He would not have been qualified to reign on the throne of David in the Millennium. Source click here. Since there was no Greek word for “son-in-law,” Joseph was called the “son of Heli or Eli” by marriage to Mary, Heli’s daughter. Luke’s explanation is that  When He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was about thirty years of age, being, as was supposed, the son of Joseph, the son of Eli, [Luke 3:23]. Through either Mary’s or Joseph’s line, Jesus is a descendant of David and therefore eligible to be the Messiah. Source click here. Interesting, that both Solomon and Nathan were sons of David and Bathsheba.

Henry Luke 6/30/2018

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