Consequences of rebellion against God-

2 Samuel 6:5-11

Things don’t go well when we rebel.  Examples of its truthfulness abound in God’s Word.  David rebelled against God by using a “new cart” to carry the ark rather than the specific way that God had commanded Israel.   “Uzzah and Ahio…were driving the new cart” A.

As Uzzah and Ahio drove the cart that carried the ark of God, one of the oxen stumbles and the ark of God appears to be falling. Uzzah, no doubt thinking to save the ark of God from crashing to the ground, sticks out his hand to stabilize it. This was rebellious because God commanded the ark-bearers not to touch the holy things B. God also told the ark-bearers exactly what would happen to them if they did touch the holy things: they would be struck down by God immediately. Uzzah’s fate is tragic, but it would not have been a surprise.

The people knew that God does not wink at sin and rebellion, but judges it with perfect righteousness and justice. David compounded his rebellion by becoming angry with the Lord and fearful of the Lord; he took the ark to the house of Obed-edom, again without asking God. [v.8-11]

  • Why did David get angry with God for Uzzah’s death?
  • Do you ever struggle with self-righteousness? How might today’s passage help you to come to terms with your own sins?
  • Spend some time each day confessing to God your sins of rebellion. Ask Him to help you to walk in righteousness.


Notes: A- 2 Samuel 6:1-4; B- Exodus 25:14- 15; Numbers 4:15; 7:9; Deuteronomy 10:8; 31:9, 25; C- Occasionally I use parts of devotionals from the FBC Personal Study Guide, as I want to encourage people to use it. This is from a 3-month study on 2 Samuel, page 22, click here.

Henry Luke 6/22/2018

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