A complicated picture of turmoil and trouble –

2 Samuel 3:12-16 David told Abner: 13 “Good! I will make a covenant with you, but I demand one thing of you, namely, you shall not see my face unless you first bring Michal, Saul’s daughter, when you come to see me.”

Michal was Saul’s daughter and David’s wife that he left in Jerusalem when he fled. David had children with 6 women in Hebron. A

We live in an age of deep skepticism concerning politics, politicians, and positions of power. When we look at royal life in 2 Samuel 3, we find many wives, concubines, power struggles, changing allegiances, and much spoil. In other words, we find deeply corrupted governments.  This occurs in David’s camp as well as Ish-bosheth’s. Compare to God’s commands for Israel’s kings. B

Yet this picture of sin shows us that God’s promises to David and us are not contingent upon our broken faithfulness to God, but His unfailing faithfulness to us. Amid David’s unfaithfulness to God’s standard for kingship, we find God faithfully making David “stronger and stronger,” while the house of Saul becomes “weaker and weaker” C. And God promised David that He would “transfer the kingdom from the house of Saul and to establish the throne of David over Israel and over Judah”. D

We owe our allegiance to an infinitely great and righteous King, our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • In what other ways does David succeed or fail to meet God’s standard for kingship? B
  • As you consider your own sin and unfaithfulness to the Lord, where do you find yourself getting overwhelmed? The advice of our culture would be, “Pull up your bootstraps and do better, be better.” How does scripture suggest we should respond?
  • Spend time today confessing to God your unfaithfulness to Him. Then, pour out your heart in worship and thanksgiving for His perfect faithfulness to you on the basis of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to transform your heart and your mind, so that you may repent of sin and serve Him faithfully.

Notes: A- 1 Samuel 19:11-122 Samuel 3:2-5; B- Deuteronomy 17:17-20; C- 2 Samuel 3:1; D- 2 Samuel 3:10;

Henry Luke 6/15/2018

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