31 Days of Prayer in Supplication & Commitments for a church that is not growing or in decline!

Prayerful Commitment Day 1, 14, 27
God, open my eyes that I might see my church as You see it. Let me see where change needs to take place, even if it is painful to me. And use me, I pray, to be an instrument of that change whatever the cost.

Prayerful Commitment Day 2, 15, 28
God, please let me be part of the solution and not the problem. Show me what I need to see. Open my eyes to Your reality. And give me the courage to move forward in the directions You desire.

Prayerful Commitment Day 3, 16, 29

God, give me the conviction and the courage to be like the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. Teach me not to hold onto those things in my church that are my personal preferences and styles. Show me not only how to let go, but where to let go, so that I may heed Your commands more closely.

Prayerful Commitment Day 4, 17, 30

God, give my church and me a heart for our community. Let me see the people through Your eyes. And give me the courage and the wisdom to let go of this church, so that others who best reflect the needs of this community can lead us and teach us.

Prayerful Commitment Day 5, 18, 31

Lord, help me to grasp that all the money I think I have is really Yours. Help me to grasp that all the money our church has is not the church’s, but Yours. Give us healthy giving hearts to use these funds according to Your purpose as determined by our leaders.

Prayer Commitment Day 6, 19

Lord, remind me that I am to be a Great Commission Christian in a Great Commission church. Remind me that, in Your strength, I am to do whatever it takes to reach out into my community with the transforming power of the gospel.

Prayerful Commitment Day 7, 20
Lord, open my eyes to the needs of others. Show me how to live more like Your Son, who always put others’ interests first. And especially show me that attitude as I serve in my church.

Prayerful Commitment Day 8, 21
God, please give our pastor a heart and a vision to reach and minister to people beyond our own walls. Teach me to be the kind of church member who encourages and supports our pastor, so he is not discouraged and disillusioned.

Prayerful Commitment Day 9, 22
Lord, teach me to pray. Teach me to pray consistently. Teach me to be a leader in prayer in my church. And teach me to keep passionate and believing prayer as the lifeblood of this church.

Prayerful Commitment Day 10, 23
God, reignite the hearts of our church members, including me, to have a passion for the gospel. Teach our church to share the gospel with others. Teach us to live as men and women who are true bearers of the good news of Jesus Christ. Remind us of our purpose. Convict us of our purpose. Empower us to live our purpose.

Prayerful Commitment Day 11, 24
Lord, teach me the proper stewardship of all the material items You give me personally and in my church. Help me never let that stewardship evolve into obsession and idolatry, especially where I lose my perspective on what really matters.

Prayerful Commitment Day 12, 25

Lord, let me see my church with honesty and open eyes. Help me to grasp where we have gotten out of balance with inward and outward ministries. And give our church a vision to make a difference in our community. Even more, God, use me to be a catalyst and instrument for the changes that must take place in our church.

Prayer Commitment Day 13, 26

I believe all things are possible through You, God. Show me what I need to do to lead my church from hopeless to hope. And give me the courage and strength to make those changes, even those changes that will be very painful.

Source: By Thom S. Rainer to order click here

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