Decision-Making and Coronation of David as King of Judah –

2 Samuel 2:1-4..4a Then the men of Judah came and there anointed David king over the house of Judah.

Vv.1-3 the next thing David did after mourning Saul was to ask God where he should go as he moved out of hiding from Saul. Over my lifetime I have given thousands of hours to considering how to best solve problems and make the best decisions. Surprisingly the Bible does not give much direction to decision-making. The major focus is on doing God’s will by obeying His commands from the Bible and knowing Jesus intimately. The passage about Gideon about putting out the fleece was not about finding God’s will but giving Gideon courage to do the known will of God. In many instances we have the same problem, we don’t want to do what we know is the revealed will of God.

My experience for over 50 years suggests the approach in the link, used personally thousands of times, to be effective in Jesus-centered decision-making: Click here.

V.4a As he blessed each son in 1859BC, Jacob prophesied that a man from Judah would become king A. David’s anointing as king over Judah in Hebron began the process of him becoming king over all Israel, establishing the Davidic dynasty B. The promise of the perpetuity of the Davidic family is fulfilled in the 1st coming of Jesus and the promise of the Davidic kingdom, over Israel, and over the whole earth; will be fulfilled by Jesus at His 2nd coming.

How do you approach decision making? How was David blessed by refusing to harm Saul the anointed of the Lord? C What should be our attitude toward our God anointed leaders today?

Notes: A- Genesis 49:10; For a map of tribes of Israel showing Hebron just south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the tribe of Judah’s land, click here. B- 2 Samuel 7:12-16; C- 1 Samuel 26:9-10

Henry Luke 6/9/2018

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