First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Day by Day Prayer Ministry May-June 2018

Please pray this list for May and June 2018


Thank you Prayer Warriors for your continued faithfulness to cover our church in prayer each week. We have had some changes and we appreciate your continuing prayers as we move forward with our new Pastor and the staff he is gathering to lead us.

  1. Pray for Doctor Lambert and his family as he leads all of us.
  2. Pray a hedge of protection around our Pastors, staff leaders, lay leaders and their families.
  3.  Pray for vision for our leaders and the alignment of that vision with God’s will.
  4. Pray for our members and staff in reaching the city for Christ. Pray for open doors, open hearts and open minds.
  5. Pray for more workers to go into the harvest.Pray for church unity and that we each love one another. Pray against quarrels or any dissension that may allow the devil to divide.
  6. Pray for our Sunday School lessons, messages from our Pastors and our personal quiet times to produce spiritual growth in each member and staff.
  7. Pray for God’s protection from any and all attacks from the devil as we move forward in our plans to serve the city with a South Campus Facility, Ortega Campus and with our Christian Academy now starting a High School. Pray for VBS preparation at all campus locations.

Prepared by Senior Adult Ministry

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