How Do We Save Truth? Interview with Author Abdu Murray by Sean McDowell

Posted May 22, 2018 by Sean McDowell

“As a lawyer and former Muslim, Murray has a unique approach to cultural issues today. He has a new book out called Saving Truth—and it’s fantastic. This is timely book that is a must-read for thoughtful Christians who want to be equipped to respond to some of the most important issues today.

MCDOWELL: You have a chapter called, “Clarity about Freedom.” What is the connection between truth and freedom?

MURRAY: This really is the heart of the book and the core confusion in our post-truth world.  The hallmark of Western culture has been the pursuit and maintenance of freedom.  But in the past few decades, we’ve really misunderstood freedom. We’ve stopped talking about freedom and have really valued autonomy.  Freedom and autonomy are not the synonyms.  Autonomy comes from two Greek words, autos meaning self and nomos meaning law. When we are autonomous, we are a law unto ourselves.  That means each of us can do whatever we want to.”

For rest of this answer and four more click here.

I will be on vacation with my wife the week beginning 5/27 and post some articles from other people and some of my favorite posts from 2013 on the hlukejourney.

Henry Luke

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