Jesus will not fail to strengthen us amid suffering –

2 Corinthians 1:5-7.. 5 For just as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 

V.5 “overflow to us.” Disciples suffer at times because of their relationship to Jesus. Therefore, persecution directed toward the church is actually directed toward Jesus; Saul is an example  [Acts 9:4]. “Our comfort overflows. Jesus will not fail to strengthen us amid suffering.

If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation. If we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings that we suffer.

V.6 Paul willingly endured afflictions so that the Corinthians might receive God’s “comfort and salvation”. “Salvation” is the moment of justification Then, the process of sanctification that is conforming Disciples “to the image of Jesus” Nowto be completed at glorification in heaven Then. [Titus 2:11-12, Romans 8:29, 1 John 3:2] The result was that the believers were strengthened in their faith and persevered. “Patient endurance” is not simply the ability to bear suffering but being provided strength, joy and hope for future deliverance either on earth or in heaven.

And our hope for you is firm, because we know that as you share in the sufferings, so you will also share in the comfort.

V.7 Paul’s hope was firm because Paul had confidence God would complete His sanctifying work in them [Philippians 1:6]. Paul’s believed they would share in the comfort God gives to His people in trials and tribulation because that was his experience. In 43AD Paul was given a thorn that he lived with until his death in 68AD; … there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me… Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12:7-10].

Paul was a missionary, church planter and writer of 14 of 27 books in the New Testament during 25 years living with this thorn giving all the glory to God and comforting others. Jesus-centered not self-centered.

Henry Luke 5/1/2018

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