Spiritual Gifts 11-18 out of 25

1 Corinthians 12:

[11] v.28 Teaching is instructing Disciples on-on-one and in groups the truths and doctrines of God’s word. This is to build up, unify, and mature the Disciple in obedience to the 3rd part of the Great Commission [Matthew 28:19-20] and create Disciple-makers.

[12] v.28 Helps – Helping and serving others. People with this gift recognize practical needs of others and give assistance with joy and love for Jesus. This may lead you outside your comfort zone as you follow God’s will.

[13] v.28 Administration enables the church to organize to fulfill God’s purposes and long term goal; This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come [Matthew 24:14]. People with this gift lead by guiding others to stay focused on their task(s) in the big picture while keeping all His commandments out of love for Jesus.

Spiritual Gifts: Romans 12:

[14] v.7 Service is to personally identify undone tasks in God’s work, however menial, and voluntarily help to get the job done.

[15] v.8 Exhortation is to come along side someone with words of encouragement, comfort, consolation, and counsel to help them be conformed to the image of Jesus.

[16] v.8 Giving is sharing the material resources God has given a person to steward with liberality and joy without any thought of return.

[17] v.8 Leadership is providing direction to Disciples that will stimulate and focus them to fulfill the New Testament commandments out of a heart of love and joy.

[18] v.8 Mercy is to be sensitive toward those who are suffering, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. To feel genuine sympathy with their misery and  speaking words of compassion, but also caring for them with deeds of love and Biblical guidance to help alleviate their distress.

Henry Luke 4/20/2018

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