Jesus is greater than Jonah

On another occasion Jesus referred to himself as “greater than Jonah” A. We live in a world of hate and racial prejudice. It has always been so. More than 2,700 years ago Jonah was commissioned by God to take his message of repentance and forgiveness to the Ninevites. He did not want to go and ran. He wanted to see them punished by God and destroyed.

There is a second aspect to Jonah’s resistance. He was preserved from death for three days in the belly of a great fish in a supernatural way by God’s protective power. Under natural circumstances, he would have died. Jonah’s survival against all odds was a picture of God restoring His Son. Jesus would bring the message of forgiveness and demonstrate that he is the Son of God with power by His resurrection.

Jonah was called to love the people whom he hated, and tell them of God’s love for them. People often misunderstand what this means. To question how God could ask us to love our enemies is to reduce love to a feeling and ignore the action that love requires.

Jesus said; “I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”B The Disciples of Jesus are to follow His example C, not Jonah’s, to demonstrate their love by sharing the gospel with their enemies and pray for the salvation of those who persecute them.

I will make a supreme effort to [1] love people who don’t think like me, [2] pray for people in my city to be saved and [3] pray for His glory to be revealed in my life every day at my expense.

Notes: A- Matthew 12:41; B- Matthew 5:44; C- 1 Peter 2:21; Modified from “Why Jesus” by Ravi Zacharias p. 241-242, to order click here.

Henry Luke 3/20/2018

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