Paul’s Letters and Journey from 59-68 AD

Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians 51AD, Galatians 51, 2 Thessalonians 52, 1 Corinthians 55, 2 Corinthians 56, Romans 57, Philemon 60, Philippians 61, Colossians 61, Ephesians 62, 1 Timothy 64, Titus 64, 2 Timothy 66, & if Paul wrote Hebrews 67AD [All dates AD from this source rounded to nearest year]

1. First Roman Imprisonment–Jerusalem in [59AD] to Rome: Acts 28:30-31 ends with Paul preaching the gospel with all openness, unhindered. Philemon 1:22 and Philippians 1:25, 2:24 indicate that Paul anticipated fairly certain release. During this imprisonment Paul wrote several books, and sometime after his release, he wrote 1 Timothy and Titus.

2. Visit to the East: [Philemon 1:22; Philippians 2:24]
3. Establishment of a work in Crete
: [Titus 1:5]

4. Journey to Spain: Both scriptural and external evidence point to a free from prison ministry for Paul after Acts 28. In the Muratorian fragment (A.D. 170) the journey to Spain is spoken of as a well-known fact. Clement of Rome spoke of Paul journeying to the extreme limits of the west, by which he must have meant Spain, for no Roman would have called Rome the extreme limits of the west. Romans 15:24, 28 indicates Paul’s ministry would include a trip to Spain. When he wrote in 2 Timothy 4:7 that his course was finished, the journey to Spain had evidently already occurred. [However, some theologians believe that Paul did not make the journey Spain.]

5. Return Visit to the East [2 Timothy 1:3, 4:13-14]: This included a stop at Nicopolis [Titus 3:12] where he was to meet Titus.

 6. Wintering at Troas with Carpus [2 Timothy 4:13-14]. Arrest and Second Imprisonment at Rome.

7. Execution in Rome [A.D. 68]: Paul died under Nero before June 9, A.D. 68

Sources: 62-68 AD and modified by my research; Timelines for New Testament books; All this is close to the Spain Option in this map from  Paul’s Journeys from 62-68 AD; Click for source:  Timelines from Biblehub.

Henry Luke 2/20/2018

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