Discipling is a 3 step process as outlined in Matthew 28:18-20 but with 2 approaches

Daily walk in the Spirit exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit and the glory of God H. O God help me reveal Your glory in my life today, at my expense & without expecting merit on my part.

I.  Impromptu Discipling II. Relationship Discipling I
Time: 1-2 minutes or longer as opportunity is presented. Time: Longer, sometimes many years or even decades. Be patient trusting Jesus.
At checkout counter, airplane ride, walking, gym, hospital, rehab, etc Family, friends, neighbors, workplace, sports, etc
 Spiritual Farming- Be prepared in your heart & with resources to use in 1 or 2 minutes Spiritual Farming [Matthew 13]
Sowing– Every person we see or talk to is either saved or lost, therefore look for opportunities Sowing– Getting out of our Christian comfort zone & develop relationships with lost people based on mutual interests.
Cultivating- Start with a gospel conversation that may lead to a gospel message using a concise personal testimony, “Red Card“, etc. Try to get contact information to provide follow-up. Provide to Administrators. Cultivating – Talk about and live in light of scriptural truths before lost people. The goal is for the unbeliever to reach a place where they ask “What is the hope within you”? [1 Peter 3:15]
Harvesting- Don’t bruise the fruit, someone else may harvest. E Some of these conversations will result in Salvation. Romans 10:9,13 Harvesting– Salvation, the gift of God. We can faithfully cultivate and sow for years, but we must leave the result to Jesus. Romans 10:9,13




Encourage baptism F & G

Encourage baptism F & G

Spiritual Parenting. One-on-one through the steps below for the new Disciple- may have to be provided by telephone, Skype, or email or turning over to another Disciple. Spiritual Parenting. One-on-one through the steps below for the new Disciple.
[Galatians 4:19, Hebrews 5:11-14, 1 Thessalonians 2:7-8, 1-20]
Baby Disciple Baby Disciple
Child Child
Adolescent Adolescent
Adult Adult
Reproducing Disciple Reproducing Disciple

Notes: E- For witnessing help see #1  here; F- For Jesus setting the example click here; G- For training help see #2  here;  I- For an approach to discipling with spiritual farming & parenting that is very helpful click here.

Data A shows the church has fallen to alarming depths in the USA. We are now in a situation where only 6% of all Americans and 0.5% ages 18-23 have a biblical world view. [The 0.5% is not a typo]

“Bottom line: the church is not having a very positive effect on the culture, but conversely the culture is having a tremendously detrimental effect on the church. When asked; what is the biggest problem in the church in America today, noted theologian and author, Henry Blackaby said, “It is very simple. We have raised generations of illiterate Christians.” B These illiterate Christians are  reproducing themselves.

Most people don’t know the bible today and are not interested– as a result this is often referred to as a post-Christian culture. What are we to do? Just like Paul C all Disciples D have a calling and responsibility to the 3 steps in the discipling process in:

Matthew 28:19-20.. 19 Go therefore and make disciples * of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

* Discipling is a three step process: [1] make disciples–witnessing that leads people to be new believers in Jesus E, [2] encouraging them to be baptized F and [3] teaching them the commands of Jesus G. All with the presence and guidance of Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit consistently and being prepared & ready to take advantage of “Impromptu Discipling” opportunities as they present themselves provides perfect heart preparation for “Relationship Discipling”. Each Disciple should be doing both.

Notes: A- For data click here ; B-  From “A Friend Under Fire”  by Stephen Trice; C-[Acts 22:15,  Matthew 28:18-20]; D- I use the word Disciple in place of Christian; 2nd page H- For helps I use most mornings click here Jesus- Centered, here NT Commandments & here Glory of God;

For the difference one person can make on a nation click here.

 We have a way to measure part of “Impromptu Discipling” and provide reports each week. How do we measure follow-up? How do we measure “Relationship Discipling” and daily acts of kindness & care in our SS class community?

Henry Luke 2/14/2018

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