The Principle of the Spiritual Growth Process

“As believers, we are called to make disciples.  The Bible uses the metaphors of farming and parenting to describe it. When the Scriptures speak of evangelism, they often use a farming metaphor, a picture of a farmer tilling the soil, planting seed, and harvesting the produce. As farmers, we cultivate relationships with non-believers, allowing them to witness firsthand the power of a changed life.

Once that person is born again, our role changes from farmer to spiritual parent . Just as with any newborn, spiritual babes are fragile and require a lot of time and energy. It’s a long process. “


Critical Process

For source and 4 pages of very good info click here. This will require registering with email and password.

The chart show discipling steps for reaching the goal of increaing in the image of Jesus to the point where a person can replicate the process with another person. The source is only 4 pages long but provides a very good description of the process.

We are told by Barna Reseach that “Only 6% of Americans and only 0.5% of American adults ages 18-23 have a biblical world view”  The 2nd % shows that unless a dramatic change occurs the future for believers in Jesus in the USA is very bleak.

I hope you will read the source document above and the links below my signature and become involoved in discipling others.

Henry Luke 2/10/2018

For how to have peace with God click here, how to have peace of God click here, and how to disciple others click here. For a link to 2 other articles that are helpful to me in discipling click here.


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