Music with harpist Barbara Luke



Haeavenly Harp. Barbara Luke and Warehouse Studies produced an instrumental album of harp music designed for quiet peaceful listening. Their model was the harpist David who played soothing music for King Saul. This soothing music provides peace for the soul in today’s hectic world. As you listen to “Heavenly Harp” Barbara’s heart’s desire is for you to see Jesus and feel the soothing sweet peace that only He can bring to the soul.

Harp, How the Bells. Barbara Luke, Lisa Hunter, and the Warehouse Studio have combined to produce an instrumental Christmas collection with harp and handbells.  This beautiful music is an excellent background while you drive, during your annual Christmas party, or simply as you go about your daily activities year around.  We hope you will find yourself singing along with your favorite carols accompanied by the harp and handbells.

Via Dolorosa. Barbara Luke harp solo with the FBC Orchestra.  From 1983 to the present Barbara has played the harp in the 40-50 piece orchestra on Sunday at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida (FBC).

2016 Jacksonville Passion Play. Featuring a choir, cast, and orchestra of more than 400, the 2016 Jacksonville Passion Play encompasses the entire story of redemption, beginning with Creation. Barbara Luke played the harp for the 4 performances with over 17,000 present. She was blessed to have her daughter and two grandaughters in the Play. This was the 10th annual performance.

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