Map’s of Paul’s five missionary journeys

The four recorded journeys covered 1- 1,581, 2- 3050, 3- 3,307, and 4- 2,344 for a total of 10,282 miles A in the 1st century modes of transportation. They were over 14 years #1: 48-48 AD, #2: 48- 52 AD, #3: 52-59 AD, #4: 59-62 AD]. B  This does not cover trips he might have made from Rome back to the mission field or possibly to Spain and Britain until his death in 68 AD at the hand of Nero.

I was a million miler on Delta [not counting other airlines] during my working days and it wore me out. I cannot imagine the weariness, pain, stress, loneliness, and loss of sleep Paul must have endured?

During this time Paul preached, taught the Bible, was beaten, persecuted, and supported himself by working as a tentmaker. Yet he started churches in much of the known world and wrote 13 books of the New Testament.  He was steadfast, persevered and fought the good fight for Jesus. C

Bible reference should be from Acts 13:4-14:28.

The missionary Journey ended in Acts 18:22 not 18:32 as shown above.

Notes: A- For miles source click here; B- For Biblehub timeline NT click here; C- For “I have fought the good fight” click here.

Fifth Journey: This is a map of Paul’s possible journeys from 62-68 AD Click Paul’s Journeys from 62-68 AD  source:

Henry Luke 2/3/2018

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