Apollos received instruction from Priscilla and Aquila about the gospel

Acts 18:23-26..       

Paul left Antioch and continued through Galatia and Phrygia strengthening and encouraging the disciples. Paul was constantly practicing the 3rd part of the great commission teaching them to observe all that I commanded you” [Acts 18:23, Matthew 28:18-20]

Apollos a Jew from Alexandria, Egypt an eloquent man competent in the scriptures arrived in Ephesus about 51 AD. We are told 4 things about Apollos; 1] he had been instructed about Jesus, 2] he was fervent in spirit, 3] he was teaching accurately about Jesus, 4] but he only knew John’s baptism. Somehow he had believed in Jesus and then departed from the area about 29 AD before Jesus was crucified, buried, resurrected, ascended into heaven and the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost in 30 AD. [Acts 18:24-26]

Apollos ” 26 began to speak out boldly in the synagogue. But when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.”

When Priscilla and Aquila found that Apollos’s knowledge of the gospel was incomplete they privately explained the gospel to him more fully. They filled in the part that Apollos was missing.

They did the same thing Paul did by practicing teaching the gospel. They used the most effective method of teaching–a small group–in this situation 3 people. We must not ignore any of the three discipling steps.

*Discipling is a three step process in Matthew 28:18-20: recognizing the authority of Jesus 1] make disciples–leading people to be new believers in Jesus D, 2] then encouraging them to be baptized E and 3] teaching them the commands of Jesus F.

Notes: D- For witnessing help see #1  here; E- For Jesus setting the example click here; F- For training help see #2  here.

Henry Luke 1/31/2018

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