21 Days of Prayer for Life: Day 3 – Men, Let’s Talk.

The men in our culture have been fed a lie. It goes like this: “Only women have a right to speak on abortion.” It’s time to debunk that lie.

First, it misses the point entirely. Whether it’s right or wrong to intentionally kill any living thing depends on what kind of being it is. Is the unborn one of us? To answer that question, we must examine the validity and soundness of the respective arguments, not the gender of whoever is advancing them. To assert that only women can speak on abortion is to commit what’s called “the ad-hominem fallacy”—that is, attacking the person rather than the argument he or she presents. There is no such thing as a “woman’s argument” on abortion any more than there is a man’s argument or a short person’s argument.

Second, it raises a troubling question: Which women get to speak? Do unborn females get a vote? What about the millions of pro-life women? Indeed, women in general have no single perspective on the issue. This is true even for women who support abortion. For example, self-identified feminist Naomi Wolf calls abortion “a real death,” while feminist Katha Pollitt thinks abortion no different than vacuuming out your house.

Put simply, arguments don’t have gender. People do. And while gender perspectives on abortion help us understand personal experience, they can’t tell us whether abortion is right or wrong. Arguments stand or fall independent of our identity as a woman or a man. If no man can speak on abortion, we need to reverse Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that brought us abortion-on-demand. After all, nine men decided the case!

Third, the case for life is strong! Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being. Pro-life women and men equally defend that truth with science and philosophy. No wonder our detractors want to change the subject!

If critics think our case is mistaken, fair enough. Let them refute it. But taking cheap shots at gender won’t do the trick

What to Pray For Today:

  1. PRAY THAT MEN WILL HAVE COURAGE. Huge numbers of Christian men have bought into the lie that they cannot speak out on the issue of abortion, and they are therefore silent. We need compassionate and courageous men in our culture more than ever.
  2. PRAY FOR CHRISTIAN FAMILIES. Christian families are not immune to the temptation of the “easy fix” of abortion. Plus, our kids are hearing there are no moral truths, but only personal perspectives on issues like this. Increasingly, they also hear that dads are irrelevant. Pray that God strengthens families in the church.
  3. PRAY THOSE CHURCHES DEVELOP RESOURCES FOR MEN. Men draw courage when their strengths are celebrated, and their God-given gifts are affirmed. Many men opt out of church because they feel out of place. Pray that local churches develop strong fellowship and apologetics resources aimed at engaging the hearts AND minds of men with the truth of the pro-life position.

Source: “21 Days of Prayer for life–calling Christians to unite, to pray, and to engage for the case of life”– click here

Henry Luke 1/23/2018

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