21 Days of Prayer for Life: Day 2 – “I Hope It’s a Girl”

“I am getting an abortion and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Leah had a full athletic scholarship to a major Christian university. If the school learned of the pregnancy, she would lose her scholarship and her college education. She decided that a baby would not put these things at risk.

The counselor at the pregnancy care center had one hope to change her mind: She asked Leah to agree to a free ultrasound. Leah agreed. With the child’s life hanging in the balance, the ultrasound nurse listened to Leah’s concerns and asked some gentle questions. Never once did she pressure Leah or shut down her concerns. Throughout the entire exam, Leah was glued to the screen.

When the exam was over, Leah whispered six words that revealed everything had changed: “I hope it’s a girl.” Another life was saved because of ultrasound.

Thankfully, ultrasound can reach many women at risk for abortion. Pregnancy centers nationwide confirm that when a client sees her child via ultrasound, the odds of abortion drop dramatically. In the past, we only had words. Now, pregnancy care centers and mobile units can offer clients a window into the womb. When a pro-life pregnancy center has a full range of medical services, including ultrasound exams, lives are saved.

What to Pray For Today:

  1. PRAY FOR RESOURCES. Quality ultrasound machines are expensive. Outside of a major financial grant, most centers cannot afford the state of the art technology needed to reach clients most at risk for abortion. Pray that Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and other pro-life events will release funds to these centers.
  2. PRAY FOR STAFFING. Every pregnancy help center that offers ultrasound exams needs a medical director—a doctor or nurse—who can devote at least 15 hours a week to serve clients. Pray that God will raise up local medical personnel to take on the medical director role at local clinics.
  3. PRAY FOR ENCOURAGEMENT FOR STAFF. When a client defies attempts at intervention and chooses abortion, the staff is devastated. Imagine pouring everything you have into saving a child and helping a mother, yet to no avail. Pray that God strengthens the hearts of staff and volunteers who invest their emotions in the service of others.

Source: “21 Days of Prayer for life–calling Christians to unite, to pray, and to engage for the case of life”– click here

Henry Luke 1/22/2018

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