Dates for New Testament Books

I was compiling a list of sources for dates New Testament books were written and found this site. It met my purpose and links to the site are allowed. So I stopped my list and offer this one. I would suggest reading the footnote for James. The arthurs took off 19 very high estimates for the date for James and resulted in a “modified” date with James being the first book written.

“The data for this list will always be a work in  progress and is constantly changing as it is being updated. I do grant permission for a link to this page if proper credit is given. Data content collected and input by Gary Butner, Th.D. Original spreadsheet designed by R.A.Sickler, Ph.D.”

Another source for dating the books of the New Testament

No arrangement of these books can be made with absolute confidence,

James – 50 A.D. First Thessalonians – 52-53. Second Thessalonians – 52-53. Galatians – 55. First Corinthians – 57. Second Corinthians – 57. Romans – 57-58. Philippians – 62-63. Colossians – 62-63. Philemon – 62-63. Ephesians – 62-63 .Luke – 63. Acts – 64. First Timothy – 65. Titus – 65. Second Timothy – 66. Mark – 66. Matthew – 67. Hebrews – 67. First Peter – 67-68. Second Peter – 68. Jude – 68. Apocalypse – 68??. John – c. 85. Epistles of John – 90-95. [for source click here]

Henry Luke 12/27/2017


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