The Gospel Proclaimed – Part 2

Examples of how to take advantage of brief opportunities to proclaim Jesus. [To see Part 1 click here]

  1. Ask if you can show the person a little card that people are intrigued by? If yes, demonstrate both views of the “Red Card” [click here The Red Card for evangelism] as shown and say this represents 2 ways to live and 2 destinations. Depending on their reaction and time available you have several ways to go: You can [a] say one time I realized I was a sinner and separated from God. I realized that God loves me and sent His son to die for my sins and that He was raised from the dead and is in heaven today. I confessed my sin, turned from my sins, believed in Jesus as Lord of my life and ask Jesus to save me. And He did. (This can be reduced or expanded depending on time) [b] turn the card over and read the back side. Ask if the person would like to ask Jesus to save them. [c] they may say they know Jesus and you can respond “that is good” where do you go to church? If appropriate you can invite to FBC and special events  or ask if they would mind sharing about their salvation and/or give them a gospel tract to read and share with someone else.
  2. On the elevator and someone says are you going up? Say I am going up to floor 5 today but someday I am going up to heaven to be with Jesus and my family for eternity.
  3. Other conversation starters that can result in giving a short testimony of your salvation and ask if you can inquire about their position with Jesus?
  4. Commit to pray for the person and give them your contact invitation and ask if you can have their contact information. Then follow up with prayer and in other appropriate ways.

Will I drop the baton of passing the gospel message to my generation and future generations?

Henry Luke 12/5/2017

For how to have peace with God click here and then how to have peace of God click here

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