What did the Israelites know about the effectiveness of their sacrifices?

“Atonement” means “covering”; a temporary “covering” of sin until Christ came as the final “Lamb of God” to take “away the sin of the world”. A Did the Israelites know this? I believe that God progressively revealed this throughout the Bible.

God sent 75 Israelites went into Egypt and in 430 years they grew into a nation of 2.5 million. They were protected from enemies even though slaves. They knew the promises made to Adam, Noah, Abraham and Joseph that included the seed of Eve defeating Satan, B that believing in the Lord resulted in righteousness, C and that the Israelites would be a great nation with a land of their own. D

However, coming out of Egypt they were like little children needing instruction. In Leviticus He gave them the 10 commandments and many basic laws for life that can be summarized “Be holy because I am Holy”. E

God said through Moses “love your neighbor as yourself” and You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” F

David said “The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit. You will not despise a broken and humbled heart, God” G and described the crucifixion in Psalm 22 including 18 They divided my garments among themselves, and they cast lots for my clothing.” Isaiah described the crucifixion of the Suffering Servant and the Exalted Servant in Isaiah 52:12-53:12. H, I, J

The people of Israel knew about all these promises from God and they could be justified by faith as God revealed His plan of redemption from Adam to today. K

The religious leaders M did not expect Jesus the Messiah to be born in 5 BC, but Mary and Joseph were not surprised, neither were Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna. N  They were justified by faith and their sins were covered until the crucifixion of Jesus; to the best of their ability they kept all of God’s commandments; and they were looking for His coming! This was true of all people of faith L including Adam, Seth and his descendents to Noah, Abraham, Joseph, the mother of Moses, Joshua, Rahab, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Peter, James, John and many others before Pentecost P. The other Israelites rejected God and kept the commandments as rituals without humble hearts and their sins were not cleansed or covered.

Am I living as if I could be in the presence of Jesus in heaven today? O

Notes: A- For source click here. B- Genesis 3:15; C- Genesis 15:6; D- Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 15:15-18; 17:7-8; Genesis 28:13; Genesis 50:24; Exodus 13:11; Leviticus 14:34; Deuteronomy 1:39; Deuteronomy 34:4; Joshua 1:6 and more 158 verses describe the promised land; E- For “Be Holy” click here; F- Leviticus 19:9-17;18; K-Deuteronomy 6:4-5; G- Psalm 51:17; H-  Isaiah 52:13-15, 53:1-12; I- Ezekiel 10:4,18, 11:23; J- Micah 5:2 & many other prophecies click here; K- For “How God revealed His plan of redemption Adam to today” click here; L- Hebrews 11; M- Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25; N- Luke 1:39-45, 2:25-38; O- 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; P- Acts 2

Henry Luke 12/1/2017

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