500 year anniversary–The Story & Significance of the Reformation

Click here for Dr. Erwin Lutzer: The Story & Significance of the Reformation (October 22, 2017 | 10:30 AM) Dr Lutzer begins about 31 minutes into the video.

Amazing story of what one 34 year old man could accomplish when he was totally committed to Jesus. Dr Lutzer tells the story of how he changed the world forever. Click here for story.

Luther nailed his 95 theses to the cathedral door at Wittenberg October 31, 1517.

Post-Script to the Ninety-Five Theses

The building of St. Peter’s Basilica was slowed by the 95 Theses.
Basically, this document, nailed to the cathedral door at Wittenberg (a common thing to do when you wanted to make a public announcement), ruined the trade in indulgences in that area.

Pope Leo X was engaged in building St. Peter’s Basilica, and Martin Luther, an unknown monk, had suddenly stopped the inflow of money. It was this problem, begun by these 95 theses, that started the Reformation and changed the world. Source



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