God and Israel affirm the covenant

 Exodus 24

“In today’s reading v.7 we encounter two sets of words: 1) the words of God and 2) the words of Israel. Moses comes down from the mountain and recounts all the words of God to the people. They hear of God’s great covenant declarations about their being His chosen people, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation; as well as the commandments to love God and their neighbor.

After hearing the words of God, they respond with their own words: “All the words which the Lord has spoken we will do” (Exodus 24:3; 7). For both God and the people, this exchange of words constitutes an affirmation of the covenant between them. Both parties give the other assurance that they are committed to the terms of the covenant.

As we continue in our reading through Exodus, we would do well to pay attention to whose words prove faithful. We serve a God who is infinitely faithful. His words never return void and His promises never fail. As a sinful people, the opposite is oftentimes true of us. Our words are oftentimes feeble and fickle, wavering in a moment. May this biblical truth not lead you to despair today; rather, let it lead you to praise and worship a God who truly does fulfill every promise that He makes!

Praise God today for His faithfulness. Praise Him that He was faithful all the way to the point of sacrificing His only Son on a cross so that His promises to us would be fulfilled!” A

Notes: A- For Personal Study Guide Fall 2017, page 44 click here.

Henry Luke 10/10/2017

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