God pledges to give the Israelites the land– Exodus 23:20-33

The giving of the Law to Israel (Exodus 19 – 23) is bookended with great covenant promises. In Exodus 19, we saw how God declared the Israelites as His chosen possession among the nations, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Now, at the end of the giving of the Law, we find God reaffirming the promise that He had made to Abraham hundreds of years ago, namely, the promise of a land in which the nation of Israel would flourish. A

God pledges that if the people of Israel remain obedient to Him, He will fight their battles for them, their enemies will be His enemies, and He will utterly drive out the people dwelling in the land from before them. For a map of Solomon’s Kingdom and possible map of Israel in the millennium kingdom click here. B

Even these actions of God, however, are connected to His overarching plan to make a people that loves Him supremely and loves others abundantly. The peoples of the Promised Land (the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites v.23) were hardhearted and set against the Lord, and they could not remain in the land because they would have made the Israelites sin against God (v.33).

God, therefore, in His sovereign love and care for His people, pledges to drive them away so that Israel has a place to flourish and thrive in their relationship with Him. Praise God today that just as God fought for the hearts of the Israelites, He has also fought for your heart. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to the front line of the battle against sin, death, and Satan and sacrificed Him on a tree so that your soul would be secure. Christ, our Rock, our Stronghold, our Fortress, has brought our souls to safety through His own death on the cross!

Pray to God today and thank Him for fighting for your heart. Thank Him that He has saved your soul from death through the atoning death of Jesus Christ. Thank Him that He was willing to sacrifice so greatly for you” C

Notes: A- Genesis 17:8 ; B- Exodus 23:31 ; C- For Personal Study Guide Fall 2017, page 43 click here.

Henry Luke 10/5/2017

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