Love God and others– Exodus 20:22-23:19

Jesus said  “Love God and others” are the greatest commandments. A

After giving the Ten Commandments Moses turns to practical principles for the Israelites. They had been in Egypt 430 years and most of the time as slaves. So God had to start at almost ground zero with them. The write-up in 10/4/2017 Personal study guide was very good today and is included below.

“In today’s scripture, God takes the general principles He laid out in the Ten Commandments (i.e., love God and love others) and applies them to various areas of Israelite life. While much of what you read in these chapters will strike you as foreign or strange, the transition that the text makes from the general to the specific is very instructive for us today. We see, in many hypothetical instances, how God wants us to apply the great commandment–to love Him supremely–and the second that is like it–to love our others as ourselves.

While most of the specific hypothetical situations laid out in today’s reading won’t apply to your life directly, the general principles illustrated there will. God desires for you, in whatever niche of life you find yourself, to love Him supremely and love your others as yourself. These general principles help us to answer all the little questions of life that the Bible doesn’t specifically address. Does your cell phone assist in your efforts to love God supremely? Can you use your television to serve your neighbor? These are only examples, but this is how God desires for you to think about every aspect of your life, not to compartmentalize your life, with different mindsets for work, school, home, church, etc.

Pray to God and thank Him [1] for the clarity of His Word, [2] that while Christianity is not easy, it is simple, [3] for the clear commands to love Him supremely and to love your neighbor as yourself, and [4] that He has given you the power to obey these commands through the gospel of Jesus Christ.” B

Notes: A- Mark 12:28-31 ; B- For Personal Study Guide Fall 2017, page 42 click here.

Henry Luke 10/4/2017

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