The Context–Exodus 1-4

Story of Church compared to Nupedia model, rather than the Wikipedia model.   Steve Murrell: Leading the Wikichurch     

Joseph brings Jacob and family to Egypt. [1876 BC] Joseph dies in Egypt. [1806 BC] The Israelites multiplied greatly in Egypt until a new king/pharaoh came to power who forgot Joseph’s contribution’s to Egypt. This new king feared that the Israelites might keep growing and side with Egypt’s enemies if war broke out. The pharaoh oppressed the Israelites with forced labor and instructed the Hebrew midwives to kill any sons born to Hebrew women. Finally the Egyptian king commanded his people to drown every son born to the Israelites [1539 BC] Exodus 1:1-22.

In a time of great oppression an Israelite woman from the tribe of Levi gave birth to a son. When the mother could no longer hide their son, she placed the baby in a papyrus basket and hid it among the reeds on the bank of the Nile. The boy’s sister Miriam guarded the baby until Pharaoh’s daughter discovered him in the basket. The princess adopted the boy and named him Moses and engaged the mother to nurse the child for her. [1525 BC] The sovereign Lord was at work preserving Moses’ life and preparing for the future deliverance of His people from Egyptian bondage.

When Moses was 40 years old he visited his people and saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite. In some way Moses knew he was an Israelite and he killed the Egyptian and buried his body in the sand. Moses returned the next day to find two of his people fighting. When Moses intervened, he learned that his killing the Egyptian had been seen. Moses fled in fear to the land of Midian where he married one of the daughters of Jethro. [1486 BC] After many years the Israelites cried out to God because of their harsh slavery 2:1-25.

Then the Lord called Moses at age 80 from the burning bush to lead His people out of Egypt. Moses responded with excuses­­­­ 5 times. The Lord replied by offering the promise of His presence and power, finally the anger of the Lord burned against Moses and He promised Aaron would be his spokesman. In Egypt Moses and Aaron spoke to the elders of the Israelites. When these slave Israelites saw the signs the Lord had given Aaron and Moses, and when they heard the Lord was ready to act on their behalf, they believed and bowed down in worship 3:1–4:31. [1446 BC] Click here for source of dates.

Has the USA forgotten God’s & the church’s contributions during the history of our nation the way Egypt forgot Joseph?


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