Steve Murrell: Leading the Wikichurch     

Nupedia conceived by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2000 to contact the best and brightes people to write articles. The articles would be filtered through an extensive editing process and then uploaded to the online site. After 3 years they only posted 24 articles on the site. They closed the site after 3 years.

Wikipedia began with its launch on 15 January 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger to create a feeder system for Nupedia.

While you read this 9/3/2017, Wikipedia and its sister projects develop at a rate of over 10 edits per second, performed by editors from all over the world. Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 5,470,153 articles and it averages 650 new articles per day.

Pastor Robby Gallaty said “How did they do it? Ordinary individuals were entrusted  with the task of researching, compiling, and submitting articles
pertaining to topics they were passionate about. I am not suggesting that Wikipedia is completely accurate or reliable. I simply want you to notice how volunteers created the  most widely accessible encyclopedia on the planet.

Tragically for souls and the cause of Christ, many churches and ministries operate under the Nupedia model, rather than the Wikipedia model. Only accredited, professional believers are enlisted to be disciplers or lead mission efforts, while the rest of the members sit by idly watching others do what God has commissioned them to do.

Steve Murrell in WikiChurch offered a challenge: “Imagine if the situation were reversed. Imagine if every believer, not just paid leaders, were engaged in ministry. That’s a WikiChurch. That’s the book of Acts.” From “Growing Up: How to be a disciple who makes disciples.” by Robby Gallaty. To purchase book click here.

For more on WikiChurhes click here.Steve Murrell the Wikichurch

For original source click here.

Henry Luke 9/3/2017




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