A Happy Life

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

“The word translated “Lord,” is the word for Jehovah in the Old Testament.

Many names were used for God in the Old Testament. It helps to hold clearly in mind the particular part played by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Phillip Keller said “God the Father is God the author—the originator of all that exists. It was in His wisdom that all took shape. [Psalm 104:24 ; Proverbs 3:19-20 ; Proverbs 8:22-31 ; Jeremiah 10:12 ]

God the Son, Jesus our Savior, is God the artisan— the craftsman, the Creator of all that exists. He brought into being all that had been originally formulated in His Father’s wisdom. [ John 1:2-3,24 ; Colossians 1:16-17 ]

God the Holy Spirit is God the agent who convicts of sin, provides guidance and glorifies Jesus. He is present in the life of every disciple. [John 14:26; 16:7-14;  1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19-20 ]”

When Jesus stood before the Jews and said, “Before Abraham was I am,” they knew He was claiming to be God. [ John 8:58 ] He was claiming that the Jesus of the New Testament was the God of the Old Testament. Jesus said: I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. [ John 10:11 ]

It is a great thing to be able to say “the Lord is my Shepherd.” It is not enough to know Him as a shepherd or as Shepherd. We must establish a personal relationship with Him. We must be able to say He is my Shepherd. The secret of a happy life begins with a spiritual relationship with Jesus by repenting and exchanging our sin for the righteousness of God. “Confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” [ Romans 10:9; click here for How to have peace with God ]

We know from David’s life that Jesus being my shepherd does not mean that this life on earth be will free from suffering. However, Jesus loves us and uses all our trials to advance our growth in His image. David said “I shall not want” because the Lord was his Shepherd.

Is Jesus my Shepherd?

Henry Luke 8/27/2017

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