Psalm 95 Introduction

In the Bible, giving praise to God through music is central. After God delivered His people from the Egyptians, Moses and the Israelites sang praise to God (Ex. 15).  Deborah and Barak praised God in a song of victory (Judg. 4–5). King David appointed Levites to play musical instruments and put the chief of the Levites in charge of the singing (1 Chron. 16). 1 Chronicles 23:5,30 says that 4,000 levitical musicans participated in leading musical praise in Israel. The purpose of the impressive musical productions was “to praise and glorify the Lord” (2 Chron. 5:12-14).

I remember Dr Brunson saying that Christianity apart from all the religions of the world uses music to praise God. The music has changed through the centuries and decades, but Christian music always praises God. It is interesting that changes always result in grumbling and complaining because some do not want change. Our music is not for personal entertainment but to worship God.

This is a message for someone like me who has zero musical ability. Some would say less than zero. Many people have enjoyed a lot of fun about my singing. It is always good to give someone an opportunity for entertainment. In about 1988 Dr Lindsay announced about 1988 that I was one of the 3 sorriest singers in the church. Good for many laughs in the all these years, however that statement also directly led to a family being saved. Two sons are serving Jesus today as ministers. Praise and glorify God!

Henry Luke 7/9/2017

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