Costs of Freedom to be thankful for July 4, 2017

 Military Deaths in America’s Major Wars as of May 28, 2014

This source lists 949,497 deaths and 2,955,166 casualities. The next source has different numbers partially because of number of wars, different time periods and other reasons. The 1st source has a graphic for number of deaths by war. The 2nd source gives the details for each war.

America’s Wars Total (1775 -1991) America’s War Casualities

U.S. Military Service during Wartime 41,892,128

Battle Deaths 651,031 + Other Deaths (In Theater) 308,800= 959,831

Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 230,254

Living War Veterans11 16,962,000 as of September 2010

Living Veterans (Periods of War & Peace) 23,234,000

We must never forget the terrible sacrifice that has purchased our freedoms. I am thankful to God that our countries was founded on Biblical principle’s and men and women have been willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom.

The Little Known Story of the Declaration of Independence

Henry Luke 7/4/2017

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