Joni – Ken Eareckson Tada–an untold love story

I read this book in one evening after receiving it. We all have heard of Joni Eareckson who was injured in a diving accident in 1967 at age 17. The result was quadriplegia with no control or sensation in her body below the neck.  Joni has become known worldwide for her faith in Christ. Many including me are not familiar with Joni’s husband, Ken Tada. However, they have been married since 1982.

We hear stories of famous people and think they live an ideal life. However, Ken found that being married to a famous person meant they were only interested in Joni and not him. He also discovered that even with a lot of help, caring for Joni was a tough job.  In addition to the quadriplega, a few years ago she begin to have almost unbearable pain, developed cancer, pneumonia and had other assorted problems.

This book is about the reality of their life together and how these terriffic problems led Ken to a total dependance on Jesus. This resulted in a deep intensity in their relationship with each other and with God. I believe everyone will be blessed by reading this book. It is worth men reading it to discover the 13 word phase that God used to draw Ken to Him.

This is a picture of the front cover of the book JONI KEN an untold love story

You can order this book here Joni & Ken An Untold Love Story.

Henry Luke 6/13/2017

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