What is the “Codex”?

A bit of knowledge just learned………. From “Tried by Fire”, author William J. Bennett:

“The rise of Christianity in the earliest centuries of the first millennium helped facilitate a critical development in the history of the printed word:  the rise of the Codex.  Before the Codex, texts of all kinds were kept on wax tablets, or on long scrolls, which had to be unrolled whenever one wanted to read them.  This changed in the first century with the appearance of the Codex:  pieces of papyrus or, more frequently, parchment or vellum (sheepskin) were bound together by a single spine, much like the modern book.  This organization made reading a much more convenient activity:  both sides of the page would be used for writing, and the reader could open to any page he wanted instead of unfurling a long roll.

For reasons that are not definitively known, Christians became the first people to adopt the Codex en masse………By the beginning of the fourth century, the Codex rivaled the scroll as the dominant form of book preservation, and by the sixth century the Codex alone was used.”

God’s Word prepared for all who read in the centuries to follow.


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