100 things I am thankful for.

Triune God

God the Father, Creator & Sustainer of heaven and earth

Jesus the son of God who provided for my eternal life on His cross

Holy Spirit who empowers and guides me

God’s word–the Bible

Jesus my Advocate and High Priest

Holy Spirit who lives in His temple my body

God saved me through the blood of Jesus Christ

I am a child of God, a joint heir with Jesus Christ

For All-Powerful and All-Caring Atributes of God

His Creation

God created and sustains the heavens and earth.


Barbara Luke, our children Linda & David–daughter-in-law Jennifer Luke; grandchildren Lanier, Caroline, William, Dawson. For saving all 9 members of our family and Zack.

Godly father & mother, grandparents & great grandparents

My brother Joe and his family

Cousins and their families still living 4/7/2017–Louann Bennett, Carl Ferguson, Sarah Fulton, Harvey Lewis

Christian Family

Rock Branch Baptist Church near Union, Mississippi, Clarke Venable Baptist Church Decatur, Mississippi, First Baptist Church Starkville, Mississippi, Highland Baptist Church Florence, Alabama, Broadway Baptist Church Knoxville, Tenn

First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Fl 1965-present

My pastors–Dr. Homer Lindsay Sr., Dr. Homer Lindsay Jr., Dr. Jerry Vines, Dr. Mac Brunson & currently Dr. Heath Lambert

FBC Staff– Dr. John Sullivan, Rev. Daniel Savage, Rev. Shane Johns, Rev. Dan Elkins, Dr. Scott Connell, Steve Clifton, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Linda Hodges, John Blount, Edson Dickinson, Jim Daniels, Frank Shannon

Sunday School Classes Taught at First Baptist Church:

–College 1965-1969–4 years

–Young men 1973-1999–26 years [known as “Luke Raiders” from 1984-1999]

–Adult Couples Class 1999-present [as of 8/2018–19 years with total 49 years]

Deacon 1965-present, Chairmen of Deacons 1983, 1986 &1987, 1998 & 1999


To be born and live in the United States

Infinite opportunities for a poor introverted country boy to grow into a man

For medical care in the world


New Ireland School moved in November 1945 in 4th grade

Union Public Schools in Union, Mississippi graduated 1954

East Central Community College Decatur, Mississippi graduated 1956

Mississippi State University Starkville, Mississippi graduated with BS 1959

University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Master of Science March, 1965

My mentors and discipleship partners

From the 60’s and 70’s–Dudley Freeman, Dr. Al Rhea, Fred McCormick, Red Jones, Bud Whitaker, Judson Whorton, Guinell Freeman, Jimmy Theron

Fellow Paul’s–Joe Kirby, Richard Stewart, Scott Makepeace, Don Register, Lockwood Holmes, AC Soud

Timothy’s— from 9/2009–Ames, Bo; Antram, Dale; Archer, Lyle; Bass, Jay; Barbour, Charlees; Birchwood, Charles; Booth, Adam; Carlton, Joe; Clemens, David; Crite, Bob; Daniels, Jim; Dressler, Daryl; Furlong, Matt; Gilliland, Stephen; Hackney, Gary; Hays, Michael; Hesler, Darrel; Hill, Dana; Hudgens, John; Labarbera, Jason; Lee, Jason; Legare, Ron; Long, Dave; Mago, May, Larry; Laurence; McConnell, Jarret; McCorvey, John; Mundy, Josh; McKensie, Joe; Moore, Don; Mundy, Josh; Myers, Doug; Ramano, Dick; Relick, Mike; Rodgers, Frank; Roseborough, Reid; Smith, Michael; Solomon, Jonathan; Stant, Andy; Starling, Michael; Stoeber, Jeffrey; Temple, Bob; Thomas, Ezra; Tolleson, Patrick; Waters, Charles; Watson, Don; Williams, Carl; Wittenmyer, Rex;

Divine appointments- https://thehlukejourney.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/divine-appointments-miracles-henry-barbara-luke

Jobs & Civic Activities

Working on the farm for my parents

Mississippi State Highway Department summers 1954&1956, 1957 9 months, 1959-1961

Air National Guard 1959-1965

Tennessee Valley Authority Colbert Power Plant, near Florence, Alabama 7 months 1961

Tennessee Valley Authority Structural Department Knoxville, Tennessee 1962-February 1965

RS&H Jacksonville, Florida March 1965-February 1993 full time and then part time until 1996

Luke Planning, Inc. March 1993- December 2014

Consultant or Board Member A. Duda subsidiary–Viera 1986-1996

Board Member–The Florida Companies 1980-1983

Board Member–Fairfield Communities 1983-1987


Henry Luke 5/27/2017

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4 Responses to 100 things I am thankful for.

  1. Joe Kirby says:

    A grat list. I’m thankful for you and miss you. Hope to see you in July.

    Joe Kirby

    On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 12:49 PM, My Personal Journey wrote:

    > henrylukeblog posted: “Triune God God the Father, Creator & Sustainer of > heaven and earth Jesus the son of God who provided for my eternal life on > His cross Holy Spirit who empowers and guides me God’s word–the Bible > Jesus my Advocate and High Priest Holy Spirit who” >

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