How to React to Heat of Trials or Rain of Blessings?

w I have been studying a little book “How People Change” by Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp since 2010.  They use different Bible passages to develop the Heat or Rain, Thorns or Fruit, and Cross Metaphors described here HPC chapter 6-Heat-Thorns-Fruit-Cross Model 4. Here is my version of this August 10, 2010 model My version Heat or Rain . Here is my 2017 version of Heat or Rain.
They want us to focus on the Big Picture God has for us in the Bible around this model. 
Don’t make this complicated. My model shows how every time we are faced with Heat or Rain we react with Fruit or Thorns depending on whether we are living a God-centered or Self-centered life. We are constantly reacting to circumstances in life either clock-wise with Thorns or counter clock-wise with Fruit. We have an opportunity to redirect our lives as we consider the Cross in our hearts. The book is about living a God-Centered life by the grace of God.
Here is a more detailed description of Heat in the real world Chapter 7–Heat 1-God in the real world. Chapter 8 is heat 2: you in the real world.
You may have a lot of heat now, but there is hope because you love and trust Jesus and previous divine appointments in your life. His daily grace gives you the opportunity to be thankful.
I suggest buying and studying this book. It has blessed my life and also the men I have worked through it with.
Here is an Amazon link 
Henry Luke 4/24/2017, revised 4/25/2017
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