The next 39 days pass after the resurrection–Passion Week.

It’s beginning to become late afternoon and trying to locate the whereabouts of Jesus during the days after His body was missing from the tomb was no easy task.  Rumors had it that He was resurrected because His body was going to be stolen by His followers.  The Roman guard was stationed around the tomb to protect it. Just hours later, Mary and the women as well as the disciples saw the tomb empty and were told by an angel speaking to them that He was not there but was risen.  How badly I wanted to see Him and know the truth about whether the resurrection; but His revealing Himself to those living in Jerusalem was very limited.  There were hints that He had appeared to several of the disciples including Peter at the Sea of Galilee or in an upper room with these followers for supper on two occasions.  But to the general public?……No sign of Him.  Oh, dear God, how I need my doubts resolved and that I can know for a surety.  I want certainty in my belief.

The next 39 days pass without much fanfare.  Quiet generally prevails in the City.  Jesus is no longer a threat to the political and religious powers that govern and rule.   He was fomenting insurrection with rabid followers; but that has subsided.  He’s gone.  Things are well without Jesus, or so it seems.

At midafternoon today I went to purchase a food supply for the house where I lived.  There He was, buying too..  Not the man named Jesus but the His disciple the one named Peter; you know the one that denied Him 3 times to the maiden and cursed violently when caught.  I wanted to meet him as well but would he be hostile, combative, confrontational, or violent.  I was terrified.  Peter’s name was not good or peaceable.  Do Christian men who claim to be a Christian follower act that way?

Finally, I had to approach him to settle once and for all the doubts pending in my soul about this alleged Messiah who he know very well.  I said, “Peter, I can’t help but know who you are.  You’ve been circulating in Jerusalem and Judea for going on 3 years.  You’re known to be a follower and disciple of this man who has done so much good.  The soldiers and guards have let it be known that you were with Him in Gethsemane when Has seized and arrested and later you were spotted at the High Priests’ house and Pilate’s palace.  But you denied Him, fled, and, and avoided Him until you saw Him alive after His crucifixion.  He privately appeared to you.  But He’s hard to find myself and I have many of the same doubts you had.  Where can I go and find Him, to investigate the fact of whether or not He is the one that was crucified and buried, and whose body is missing from the grave.  Peter, only you know.  Where can I go and meet Him?”

Peter paused for what seemed like an eternity, struggling for an answer and words to answer my question.  He looked one way and then the other as if to detect intruders overhearing our conversation.  We were both whispering.  There were none.

Alright, Peter, replied, “Let me tell you.  You ready?”  “Sure, of course.  I anxiously awaiting.  I must know.”  Peter said in hush tones  He continued,  “Now listen.  Tomorrow, the 40th day since His resurrection, Jesus told we disciples to meet Him at the base of the Mount of Olives at 1 p.m.  He had some very important things to tell us critical to our future.  Be there, and promptly at that.  Not a minute late.  I’ll get you close enough in to Him and the rest of us so that you will know for sure who He is and what has taken place.  Remember, what I said.  Be there and on time.”  See you then!

Peter turned and suddenly left disappearing into the darkness of Jerusalem.  Tomorrow at 1 p.m.?  I’ll be there!


The Ascension 40 days after Passion Week!











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