Jerusalem 1984 years ago tonight awaited resurrection Sunday

Jerusalem is eerily quiet this evening.  The evening sacrifice is being prepared to be offered for this Sabbath Saturday, and will take place at sunset very shortly.  It is now 8:54 p.m. in the early evening.  The crowd and Jewish rulers who were clamoring for Jesus’ life just 24 hours ago are nowhere to be found.  There purpose accomplished.  Jesus is dead and gone for good, never to threaten their power, place, and station in life.

Those 11 disciples, also called apostles since they were personal eyewitnesses of this alleged Messiah, are still in hiding.  They bolted when this Jesus was brought before the high priest and then Pilate. Those disciples are cowards like so many of these Christ followers seem to be.  They were a noisy lot when His popularity was rising among the people, but the head one denied his leader three times to a little house maiden; and when spotted by this Jesus denying Him, guilt overwhelmed his conscience, and he ran from the courtyard cursing the vilest words ever heard because he was scared.  What a man!  Mamas, don’t let your boys grow up to be like him.  What a weakling!  No backbone!  And the other fake disciple, the one who became a confidential informer for the Sanhedrin, he, for some strange reason, has gone out and hanged himself.

It’s growing late here in Jerusalem.  It’s a sad time.  The man who brought so much good to bear, healing the sick and disabled, restoring sight to the blind, crushing leprosy, bringing back to life those who had died, well, any hope for that again.  His body lies in a grave not far from here, still, stiff, and cold.  The joy He brought to families and followers was just indescribable.  Maybe someone like Him or some thing will come along and take his place.

Wait until tomorrow.  It will be a new day.  We’ll make it, but, just without Him.  We’ll find something to entertain us.  And beside all that at least, we’ll be rid of those pesky men who call themselves disciples, trying to tell all of us about some man they call a Savior who forgives sin. That’s a laugh.

As sleep approaches, I just have this gnawing feeling that something might occur to completely turn everything upside down.

AC Soud

Resurrection Morning of Passion Week!


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