5′-5″ Morgan William steals show again, hits game winner to shock UConn

Friday night in the national semifinals, the 5-5 (known as Itty-Bitty) Morgan Williams went for winning shots twice against UConn’s Gabby Williams, who is 5-11 but has amazing hops. The first one, at the end of regulation, Williams blocked. The second one, at the end of overtime, soared over her fingertips as the clock was winding down to zero.

That one swished, and once again, Morgan William had stolen the show at the women’s NCAA tournament, leading Mississippi State past top-ranked UConn 66-64. They stopped UConn’s 111 game winning streak.  She scored 41 points in game against Baylor last weekend for MSU to make Final 4.

Watch Morgan and Coach give praise and glory to God

Incredible story of Mississippi State girls stopping Uconn 111 game winning  streak.

Mississippi State girls win over Baylor in overtime Itty Bitty scores 41 points in this game.

I graduated from MIssissippi State in 1959.

Henry Luke 4/1/2017

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