Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg & ISIS poll

Joel Rosenberg’s new fiction book “Without Warning” came out 3/14/2017 and it has some stunning plot twists and very unexpected ending. Although fiction it is totally revelant to events of today.  I have already read it and highly recommend the book. I have read 15 of Joel’s fiction or non-fiction books starting I believe in 2002. He has the ability from his worldwide contacts to anticipate events and include them in his books before they occur or in some instances between writing and publishing.

As part of the roll-out of this book they conducted a poll about ISIS. the results are here: POLL-ISIS-2017  They included this question “Do you agree, or do you believe that letting the leaders of Iran and the Islamic State obtain chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in pursuit of building their caliphate (or Islamic kingdom) or climate change is a greater threat?” Only 31.4% believe climate change is the greater threat.  You will want to look at the poll and the breakdown of responses to each question.    ABC Interview with Joel Rosenberg about “Without Warning”   He was interviewed by a Muslem woman.

I have read these Books by Joel Rosenberg.

Henry Luke 3/16/2017

Henry Luke 3/16/2017

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