The 9 day reign of Lady Jane Grey as Queen of England & her beheading

From Presentation by Rev Jeremy Pellum at “CLARITY: CLEAR THINKING ABOUT THE PURPOSE OF OUR CHURCH” First baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida March 1, 2017

The will of the deceased King of England called for Lady Jane Grey to be Queen in July 1553. She was Queen for 9 days when Mary through political influence replaced her. She was put in prison for treason and in February 1554 was beheaded. Two days before her death the Queen sent her spiritual advisor to try to get her to renounce her faith in Jesus Christ by faith alone. A partial transcript of this visit is below from Foxe Book of Martyrs.

What a bold defense of faith by an 18  year old girl two days before her death, may we be so bold and articulate about our faith. Henry Luke 3/2/2017

“The twelfth day of February, 1554 was beheaded the 18 year old Lady Jane, to whom was sent Master Fecknam, from the queen, two days before her death, to commune with her, and to reduce her from the doctrine of Christ to Queen Mary’s religion: the effect of which communication here followeth:

Fecknam.–“I am here come to you at this present, sent from the queen and her council, to instruct you in the true doctrine of the right faith: although I have so great confidence in you, that I shall have, I trust, little need to travail with you much therein.”

Fecknam.–“How many sacraments are there?”

Jane.–“Two: the one the sacrament of baptism, and the other the sacrament of the Lord’s supper.”

Fecknam.–“No, there are seven.”

Jane.–“By what Scripture find you that?”

Fecknam.–“Well, we will talk of that hereafter.

Fecknam.–“What is then required of a Christian man?”

Jane.–“That he should believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, three persons and one God.”

Fecknam.–“What? Is there nothing else to be required or looked for in a Christian, but to believe in him?”

Jane.–“Yes, we must love him with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind, and our neighbour as ourself.”

Fecknam.–“Why? then faith justifieth not, nor saveth not.”

Jane.–“Yes verily, faith, as Paul saith, only justifieth.”

Fecknam.–“Why? St. Paul saith, If I have all faith without love, it is nothing.”

Jane.–“True it is; for how can I love him whom I trust not, or how can I trust him whom I love not? Faith and love go both together, and yet love is comprehended in faith.”

Fecknam.–“How shall we love our neighbour?”

Jane.–“To love our neighbour is to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to give drink to the thirsty, and to do to him as we would do to ourselves.”

Fecknam.–“Why? then it is necessary unto salvation to do good works also, and it is not sufficient only to believe.”

Jane.–“I deny that, and I affirm that faith only saveth: but it is meet for a Christian, in token that he followeth his Master Christ, to do good works; yet may we not say that they profit to our salvation. For when we have done all, yet we be unprofitable servants, and faith only in Christ’s blood saveth us.”

With these and such-like persuasions he would have had her lean to the church, but it would not be. There were many more things whereof they reasoned, but these were the chiefest.

After this, Fecknam took his leave, saying, that he was sorry for her: “For I am sure,” quoth he, “that we two shall never meet.”

 Jane.–“True it is,” said she, “that we shall never meet, except God turn your heart; for I am assured, unless you repent and turn to God, you are in an evil case. And I pray God, in the bowels of his mercy, to send you his Holy Spirit; for he hath given you his great gift of utterance, if it pleased him also to open the eyes of your heart.””


A good source for the history of Lafy Jane Grey:








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