FBC Sunday School Personal Study Guide [PSG] & Lessons Spring 2017 Matthew

The PSG Devotionals & Bible study Spring 2017.  springdailydevotional2017_web   

Spring 2017 Scripture Memory  Updated 5/28

#13- 5/28/2017  “What Do We Do Now?”  Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus expects His followers to seek to be disciple-makers of all people. 5-28-2017 What do we do now– Matthew 28_16-20

#12- 5/21/2017  “Crucified”  Matthew 27:35-53 Jesus willingly sacrificed His life to pay the price for all of humanity’s sin.  5-21-2017 Crucifiedl– Matthew 27_41-52 aa

#11 – 5/14/2017 “Loyal?” Matthew 26:63-75 Following Jesus demands loyalty in the face of risk. God is worthy of our loyalty! 5-14-2017 loyal– Matthew 26_63-75

#10- 5/7/2017  “Do I have the Strength?”  Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus willingly submitted to the Father’s redemptive plan. 5-6-2017 Do I have the Strength– Matthew 26_36-46

#9- 4/30/2017  “How Do We Remember?”  Matthew 26:17-30  Jesus’ sacrifice is to be reverently remembered through the observing of the Lord’s Supper  4-30-2017 How Do We Remember– Matthew 26_17-30

#8- 4/23/20  “What About the Future?”  Matthew 24:36-51 Jesus will return at the end of time, so preparations must be made.   4-23-2017 What About The Future Matthew 24_36-51   Order of  End time events Revelations- Matthew 24-25

#7- 4/16/2017  “Where Is Jesus?”  Matthew 28:1-15 Jesus was resurrected to reign forever as the King.  4-16-2017 Where is Jesus Matthew 28_1-15                             

#6- 4/9/2017 “Offered to All”  Matthew 22:1-14 Though all are invited to join Jesus in God’s kingdom, only those who respond to Him in obedient faith will be accepted. 4-9-2017 Offered to all– Matthew 22_1-14

#5- 4/2/2017 “If I Reject Jesus?”  Matthew 21:33-45 Jesus is central in God’s plan of redemption.  4-2-2017 If I Reject Jesus– Matthew 21_33-45        

#4- 3/26/2017      “More Than a Prophet?”  Matthew 20-21:11  Jesus fulfilled the prophecies associated with Israel’s long-awaited King.  3-26-2017 More than A Prophet– Matthew 21-1-11

#3- 3/19/2017   “What Is Required?”  Matthew 18:15-19:30  Jesus offers the gift of eternal life to those willing to follow Him. Taught by Richard Stewart

#2- 3/12/2017   “Is Jesus Fully God?”  Matthew 17:1-13;18:1-11 As the Son, Jesus reveals God’s glory to humanity. 3-12-2017 Is Jesus Fully God– Matthew 17_1-13

#1- 3/5/2017  “Who Is Jesus?”  Matthew 16:13-28 Jesus is the Christ the Son of God to whom all of Scripture points.  3-5-2017-who-is-jesus-matthew-16_13-28





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