4 irrefutable proofs of the legitimacy of the Gospel of Christ

For centuries mankind across the face of this earth has celebrated the greatest event in human history…….THE BIRTH OF JESUS.  Any intellectually honest person would have to ask himself or herself, “Why has His birth captured the attention and adoration of so many people for so long?”  Man has not had any trouble or legitimate objection with allowing into their sphere of life the reality of the “baby Jesus” with its nativity scenes and religious symbols, but it has been quite another thing to allow into their sphere of life the reality of the “adult Jesus” with His works and words of great importance.  One has to ask, “Just why is that?”

What is there about Jesus’ words and works that He demonstrated in His life over a three year period from ages 30 to 33 that today make him so offensive to so many?  It is well documented in biblical and secular authorities that Jesus performed many miracles of note, and the words that He spoke rocked the institutions and political powers of His time and in the centuries to follow.  So much change of attitude toward Him from a baby to adulthood has indeed occurred.  Political and military leaders and rulers in Europe, the Middle East, and around the world rose up in opposition to Him.  He became a threat to the religious, financial, and political empires of the day as well as the personal interests of men and women everywhere.  Christianity became seriously intrusive and animosity against it has exploded over time.

Outside of faith which so many reject today, there are 4 irrefutable proofs of the legitimacy of the Gospel of Christ that confronts us powerfully today.  Here are the convincing proofs:

  1. Christianity could have been snuffed out and brought to nothing by its enemies in its infancy.  Only one thing …just one thing was required.  Produce the body of Jesus. His death and burial were well known public events of that day.  Jerusalem was in an uproar over it.  All that the political and religious enemies of Jesus had to do was go and locate the His grave and produce the body.  Where’s the body?  2000 years have passed and still no body has ever been produced.
  1. The 11 surviving original apostles and many other disciples who lived at the time and survived Jesus’ death and resurrection met horrible deaths, persecutions, imprisonments, and tortures in the name of and cause of Christ.  It goes without saying that these folks would never, no never, have died or suffered like they did for something they knew was false.
  1. The gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written between 50 A.D. and 95 A.D. and were distributed in the ancient world.  Many people, who like the Apostles, were living at the time these gospels were written and distributed had been alive and eyewitnesses back when Jesus walked the earth and spoke and performed so many miracles.  In 2000 years no one has ever come forth to announce to the world that what the gospel writers had written about Jesus and related as true was, in fact, false.  The Gospels, therefore, stand before us today as unimpeached testimony of personal eyewitnesses.
  1. Lastly, any person who looks at Jesus can only come to one of three conclusions about who Jesus was….and only one.  Either Jesus was a liar, that is, He knew He wasn’t who He claimed to be but wanted to mislead mankind for some fraudulent personal advantage for Himself.  Or, He was mentally deluded, that is, He thought He was somebody enormously powerful, but didn’t really know He wasn’t.  Or, Jesus was indeed who He said He was and claimed to be….the Son of God come to earth for the sins of the world.  He can only be one of those three.

Here’s the conclusion of the matter.

We have before us the Son of God who went about speaking enormous things about Himself and performing undisputed miracles to authenticate His life, words, and position.  Certainly He was neither a liar nor deluded.  That which we have read of Him is an unimpeachable record the truth of which has endured 2000 years.  Therefore, the Gospels can be believed without fear of contradiction.  Jesus left the grave on the third day and was resurrected, for His body has never been found, as much as people would have liked to do so.  And we know all of this in 2017 because faithful, loyal followers of His in the first century died, were persecuted, imprisoned, or tortured to make sure we would know about this Christ, the Savior of any man or woman who come to Him in faith.

Ladies and gentlemen of the world’s jury, what’s your verdict?

by AC Soud used with permission.





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